Where Can I Sell My Gun in Australia?

If you are wondering where can I sell my gun in Australia, Used Gun Sale is an online marketplace for everything related to guns and shooting. Bear in mind that the sale and purchase of firearms are regulated by the government.

Regulations differ in every state regarding buying and selling firearms in Australia. The buyer must have a licence to carry and use the firearm, which is transferred from seller to buyer by a permit obtained from a licenced firearm dealer such as Used Gun Sale.

As with anything you buy and sell, firearms depreciate when bought initially. However, the initial value will likely remain constant for a long time. If you maintain your firearm and keep it in tip-top condition, you will recoup your investment when it comes time to sell it.

Common buying and selling questions are: Am I getting a decent price from the buyer? Is the firearm worth it, and what is its actual value? A good indicator is the appearance of the firearm. To obtain the best price, as a seller, you must ensure that the firearm is in good nick.

When selling a firearm and determining its value, it is important to consider the workmanship, as this impacts the overall quality and durability. Another factor is that you may own a vintage gun with valuable history. Lastly, the firearm you want to sell may be a discontinued model or range, which is likely to add to its resale value.

Inflation and the state of the economy also affect the used gun market. Look at our large selection on Used Gun Sale to get a rough idea of how much your firearm is likely to fetch. Contact us for advice, or we can put you in contact with our local network.

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While there is all kinds of firearms big and small, you should think about what you will be doing with the firearm and select a firearm that suits your discipline, if you would like more help or information. You are welcome to email us at admin@usedgunsale.com.au and one of our friendly staff will be happy to answer your questions. 

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