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You can buy anything online these days, which is why we took the bold step to create a unique gun shop that is online in Australia. Our broad selection provides more opportunities for bargain hunters and those looking for something special. Used Gun Sale is a mouse click away, proudly Australian-owned and run by shooters for shooters.

Our diverse range includes military and black powder rifles, handguns, pump action shotguns, air rifles, bolt-action rifles and lever-action rifles. We also offer ancillary equipment such as rifle scopes. Whatever you need, we are bound to have it. If we do not, we can send daily listings to your email about our used gun parts marketplace.


Why Buy And Sell Guns Online?

Convenience: You can shop online to your heart’s content from the comfort of your home.
Wide selection: Our online presence allows us to have a much bigger shopfront than a traditional brick-and-mortar gun shop.
Comparative shopping: We not only sell used guns, but you also have the opportunity to browse our extensive selection and compare prices, features and benefits to find exactly what you want.
Hard-to-find items: Our extensive network means we often have access to rare or vintage items. If you are a collector, you are welcome to comb through our online treasure trove.
No waiting period: What you see online is what we have in stock, so what you order and pay for is delivered promptly to your door.

Supporting Used Gun Sale gives a shout-out to the Australian shooting community. Our website is easy to navigate for a seamless browsing experience. You can create an online profile to log in again and continue from where you left off. We are available 24/7 for added convenience, even if you just want to pop in and look at what is new.

An online gun shop offers the major advantages of easy comparison, a wider range to choose from, plus many special items you are unlikely to find anywhere else. There is no queue or waiting around, just simple convenience and quick service. Take a look at what we have to offer at Used Gun Sale.

About Us

Welcome to usedgunsale, we are proudly Australian owned and operated built by shooters for shooters.

We specialise in used guns and equipment, whether it be a used lever action rifle, used shotgun, used bolt action rifle, used air rifle, used pump action, used handgun, used black powder rifle, used military rifle or a good quality used scope to put on top.

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